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Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson

Alexander, NY


Outside of a brief study in commercial art after graduation from high school, I am self taught. Ever learning and studying that I might realize the depth of the gift God has given me.

I have resided in WNY always, and years ago came full circle back to the family farm, that was founded by my mother for advancement of the equestrian arts. My husband and I own and operate it now as a modest equine facility and it is here that I find my inspiration.

I am often reminded of the sage advice, “Paint what you know”, as I ponder a new work. This brings me back to the horses and the natural world environment that is just beyond the threshold of the stable door. It is my observations and relationships I experience here that I enjoy reflecting in my work.

I enjoy being diverse in the mediums I can work in. The majority of my work is in watercolor, pencil or acrylics and sometimes a mixed media work. Recently I have been exploring digital photography and find its immediate results satisfying. I have touched on sculpture a few times and fully intend to revisit that medium again. I also enjoy a craftier application of my skills in the form of but not limited to, wood cutting on a scroll saw, wood burning and painting on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, bone and stone to name a few.

I accept requests for commissions and am continuing to develop a larger collection of artist owned works for display and sale.

I always welcome inquries and comments on my work. It is often the feedback that I receive that will renew the passion to get back to the art studio and not let myself be distracted from what I beleive God would have me doing.

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